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Lamacoid Tags
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Lamacoid Tags: Durable Identification Solutions 

Looking for high-quality, durable, and customizable identification solutions? Look no further than our Lamacoid Tags! Lamacoid tags by definition is an industry term for 2-ply or 3-ply modified acrylic material that are can be laser engraved or rotary engraved for versatile labelling options ideal for various applications across industries. 

Many Names: Many industrial lamacoid tag uses 

Lamacoids can also be referred as ID tags, nameplates, asset tags, plastic tags, value markers, name badge tags or even lamacoid labels. They are available in a variety of colours and can be contour cut to any size required. 

Why Choose Lamacoid Tags? 

  • Durability: Our Lamacoid tags are suitable for indoor or outdoor applications and are built to withstand harsh environments, ensuring they remain legible and intact over time. 
  • Customization: Tailor your Lamacoid tags to your exact specifications. Choose from a range of sizes, colours, fonts, and styles to match your branding and identification needs. 
  • Versatility: Lamacoid tags are suitable for a wide range of uses, including equipment labelling, electrical panel tags, industrial machinery labels and more. 
  • Easy Installation: Installing Lamacoid tags is a breeze. They can be easily mounted using our 3M VHB tape adhesive backing or mechanical fasteners. 
  • Cost-Effective: Lamacoid tags offer an affordable yet long-lasting solution for all your identification requirements. 

Industries We Serve 

Our Lamacoid tags are trusted by businesses in various sectors, including: 

  • Lamacoids for electrical companies 
  • Lamacoids for manufacturing companies 
  • Lamacoids for construction companies  
  • Lamacoids for HVAC companies 
  • Lamacoids for plumbing companies 
  • Lamacoids for healthcare industry 

Whether you need tags for asset management, safety compliance, or organization, we have you covered. 

Order Your Lamacoid Tags Today 

Ready to enhance your organization’s identification systems with Lamacoid tags? Contact us today at Permel to discuss your specific needs, request a quote, and experience the durability and versatility of Lamacoid tags for yourself. Our team is here to assist you every step of the way. 

FAQs about our Lamacoid Tags

What are the most common sizes for lamacoid tags?

Permel can manufacture custom lamacoids tags to any size and shape required for your next project. The most common sizes for our lamacoid tags are 3″ x 1″, 3″ x .75″ and 4″ x 1″. They are available with or without holes and they are available with or without 3M VHB tape on the back.  Contact us at for more information.

What thickness are lamacoid tags available in?

The most common thickness of our lamacoids would be 1/16″ (.060″), but they are also available in 1/32″(.030) and 1/8″(.125).

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