Routered Signs

  • Routered Corian sculpted mermaid trade show sign
    Routered half inch Corian puzzle pieces mermaid trade show sign
  • Battery World business sign with laser cut acrylic 3D lettering
    Laser cut white acrylic 3D lettering on vinyl faced foam board business sign
  • Routered development project sign
    Routered development project sign Marquis Grande
  • Brushed gold aluminum routered business sign
    Brushed gold aluminum laminate on half inch black foam, routered with white vinyl detail on logo business sign Monarch Financial Group
  • Acrylic 3D lettering pin mounted reception sign
    Routered acrylic lettering painted corporate colour (PMS colour match) and pin mounted 3D lettering reception sign for Aquila Developments Inc
  • Polished aluminum 3D lettering pin mounted business sign
    Pin mounted quarter inch aluminum, polished face and chrome plated 3D lettering business sign NewGen
  • Acrylic 3D lettering and vinyl graphics business sign
    Acrylic letters painted with corporate colours (PMS colour match) and white vinyl lettering business sign for Radiant
  • Routered and engraved aluminum movie set prop
    Half inch thick aluminum, routered to shape and engraved leaving raised graphics movie set prop
  • Brushed face aluminum 3D lettering business sign
    Pin mounted quarter inch aluminum logo and lettering, brushed face with satin clear coat 3D lettering business sign for Industrial Alliance
  • Half inch thick clear anodized aluminum letters pin mounted to concrete wall face
    Aluminum 3D lettering pin mounted wayfinder/directional sign
  • Faux vacuum formed sign with routered lettering movie set prop
    Faux vacuum formed sign, quarter inch Sintra backer with routered letters mounted on face, full colour laminated decal added to face of sign for vacuum form effect movie set prop
  • Acrylic 3D lettering business sign
    Ten millimeter glass with polished beveled edge, raised acrylic letters painted corporate colours (PMS colour match) mounted with one inch standoffs from wall 3D lettering business sign for Xpress Money
  • Polished aluminum 3D lettering pin mounted reception sign
    Pin mounted quarter inch brushed aluminum with satin clear coat reception sign NewGen
  • Routered Corian symbol
    Routed quarter inch thick Corian letter symbol
  • Routered acrylic cancer icon business sign
    Painted half inch routered acrylic business sign
  • Acrylic 3D lettering mounted on acrylic business sign
    Half inch acrylic with second surface etch vinyl and raised acrylic letters with vinyl face 3D business sign
  • Aluminum 3D lettering business sign
    Routered half inch aluminum letters with polished face, chrome plated with mirror vinyl lettering Aluminum 3D lettering business sign Purple Spa & Yoga

Permel’s state-of-the-art router equipment allows it to produce high quality laser engraved and cut signs and products, including business signs, reception signs, 3D lettering signs, and control and instrument panel labels. Substrates include PVC, wood, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper and more. Paint in-fills, if required, are done by hand to exacting standards so you get a quality product every time.

Contact us today and let us take care of your router engraving needs.