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Industrial Marking and Laser Etching
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Explore the world of our state-of-the-art laser engraving and cutting solutions. Our advanced technology brings intricate designs to life. From ADA tactile signage to industrial lamacoid tags to industrial prototypes, discover the possibilities today.

FAQs for Industrial Marking and Laser Etching

What is the difference between laser etching and laser engraving?

hile the terms laser engraved and laser etched are used interchangeable at times, they are different processes with different end results.

Laser etching is when we use our laser technology to alter the surface of the material and the laser beam “marks” the the copy and graphics on the surface without removing any material. Laser etching can change the colour of the area where the copy and graphics are “marked”. After laser etching the area is smooth and does not have a recess feel to the copy and graphics. Permel can laser etched items like acrylic, awards, glassware, stainless steel cable tagsYeti Tumblers, and even wood products.  Laser etching is creates a clean, crisp, easily to read copy and graphics and is idea for industrial markings applications like adding serial numbers to client supplied items and great promotional items like Yeti Laser Etched Tumblers.

Laser engraving is the  process where we uses our laser technology to physically remove material and create a permanent marking when engraved copy and graphics. The laser engraving process makes the copy and graphics “recessed” into the surface if the material. You would be able to feel the recessed copy and graphics if you ran you fingers across the laser engraved area. Permel can laser engrave products like lamacoidsnametags, acrylic, some plastics, and some coated metal products to leave a clean, crisp, and permanent client copy.

In summary, laser engraving involves the removal of material to create a deep, permanent mark, while laser etching alters the surface without significant material removal, resulting in a shallower and often less tactile mark. The choice between engraving and etching depends on the specific application, material, and desired appearance of the marking.

Can you laser etch serial numbers on my industrial parts?

Yes, we can laser etch you serial numbers or copy/logos, directly on to your client supplied industrial parts. The most common parts are stainless steel and anodized aluminum, but contact us directly at to review your specific project.

What type of material can I laser etch?

We can laser etch materials like acrylic, lamacoids, stainless steel, anodized aluminum, glass and other client supplied items.

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