Funeral Homes

  • Mirror polished engraved memorial plaque
    Mirror polished eighth inch brass, engraved and in-filled black with gloss clearcoat memorial plaque
  • Mirror polished cross engraved
  • Laser engraved black coated aluminum memorial plaque
    Laser engraved black coated aluminum memorial plaque Bruce Fairbairn
  • Satin brass engraved plaque
    Satin brass engraved and in-filled black plaque The Sanctuary Renovation 2010
  • Laser engraved memorial plaque
    Laser engraved black brass on eighth inch black acrylic back memorial plaque
  • Laser engraved graphics business sign
    Laser engraved graphics on brushed bronze plastic engraving stock business sign
  • Engraved polished stainless steel memorial plaque water jet cut
    Quarter inch thick mirror polished stainless steel, water jet cut to shape and engraved memorial plaque

From commemorative plaques and signs to engraved mementos of our deceased loved ones, Permel produces first-class rotary engraved, laser engraved and routered items. Our distinctive collection of state-of-the-art engraving, routering and printing equipment, and experienced team means you get quality products and friendly service.

Contact us today and let us take care of your funeral signage needs.