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Movie Set and Props Signs
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Movie sets require all kinds of signs and props. Over many years Permel custom sign company has honed its skills working with movie set producers to creatively produce signs and props economically that meet the exacting standards of the industry. From simple clapperboards, to car registration plates to large storefront signs, Permel has done it all. We are creative and innovative and enjoy the challenge of creating signage and props that look authentic.

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FAQs for Movie Set and Props Signs

How fast can you manufacture movie set signage?

Permel is your go-to partner for stunning, custom signage solutions that will make your film productions truly shine. We strive for 1-2 day turnaround time for movie set signage, but we also offer same day service if required.

We bring creativity and innovation to every product as a leader in the signage production industry. Permel works closely serving the film industry and we understand the unique needs of the entertainment business.

What kind of materials do you stock for the movie industry?

From acrylic to metal, from nametags to desk stand nameplates, Permel has got you covered for all your movie set and props signage. The most common product the movie industry uses would be our lamacoid material that can be laser engraved, contour cut and used in a variety of signage applications. Contact at for more information.

What are the most popular signs for the movie industry?

The movie industry requires a wide range of signage. From custom movie nametags, to temporary room signs, to laser engraved props like desk nameplate and awards, Permel can help you stand out with  your movie set and props signage requirements.

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