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Every store needs attractive, memorable and quality signage to bring in new business and to keep customers loyal. Permel has produced first-class storefront signs for businesses across Metro Vancouver and beyond, including attractive 3D lettering signs. Additionally we produce point of purchase (POP) signage, sandwich boards and temporary signage (e.g., sale and special offer signs) using our wide format printing equipment.

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FAQs for Storefront Signage

How long does it take to manufacture store signage?

Leadtimes for manufacturing storefront signage can vary between 7-21 days depending on the material and specific details regarding each individual storefront signage project. Please contact us at and we can review and provide a work back schedule for your next storefront signage project.

What are your payment terms regarding storefront signage?

We request a 50% deposit to get started on your job. The full balance is due upon completion. We accept VISA, MasterCard, AMEX and cheques for payment. For long-term clients we are happy to perform a credit check and extend credit terms. 

Can I supplied our company logo using an image or picture from the internet?

In almost all cases, images or files downloaded from the internet will be a low resolution .jpeg or bitmap file type and they are usually low resolution and poor quality. They may look fine on your screen, but when we put them into our art department for review and file setup, these low resolution images and files are unsuitable for us to use to build your sign. 

Some high resolution images are available on the internet. If you need help finding out if your image or file is suitable for your sign, please call us and we can check it for you. 

We cannot work with images that are pasted into a Word document or Powerpoint document. 

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